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Rubbish Disposal Melbourne

The Super Safe EcoWaste Recycle Centre makes it easy for people in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs area to dispose of their unwanted waste material at competitive prices compared to most other tips or recycle centres. We take domestic and commercial waste disposal material (putrescible products not included).

Located at 199-2012 Colchester Road in Kilsyth Super Safe EcoWaste Recycle Centre is open 7 days per week. (Some public holidays excepted).

To honour our commitment to a sustainable society once your waste disposal material has been left at our yard we recycle as much as possible through our recycling conveyor system so as little as possible goes to Victoria’s ever dwindling landfill sites. This helps us keep our cost of disposal to you as low as possible.

We also offer a metals trading service where you can bring certain types of metal products (conditions apply) and we can pay you for them based on their weight. (Proof of identity is required).

We accept

  • Whitegoods – including fridges, TVs, computers and washing machines
  • Cardboard and paper
  • Glass
  • Green waste
  • Timber waste
  • Construction and demolition waste
  • Steel and scrap metal
  • Car bodies, motor oil, tyres and car batteries
  • Mattresses/bed bases
  • Mobile Phones
  • Paint
  • BBQ gas bottles (which must be emptied)
  • Rubble, bricks and concrete

Items not accepted

  • Putrescible waste e.g. food, human, animal waste
  • Asbestos
  • Medical Waste (sharps etc.)
  • Liquids (except motor oil and pain)