Soil Disposal Melbourne

The Super Safe EcoWaste Recycle Centre will accept disposal of either clean soil or clay which can be recycled as well as accepting mixed loads of soil which contains things like mixed rubble or other material. Rates of disposal will vary based on the soil being disposed of.

Once received, soil will be processed through our sorting machine and sieves to separate product as much as possible to produce top soil or other product that can be used as fill on building sites.

Super Safe EcoWaste Recycle Centre is unable to accept soil that contains hazardous waste materials containing chemicals etc.

If you’re unable to bring in your soil to be disposed yourself simply contact us and we can organise to deliver one of our skip bins or hook bins to your property, allowing you sufficient time to load it and then we’ll pick it up for you and dispose of it.

Simply contact one of our operators to discuss the most suitable size and cost.