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Woodchip Recycling Melbourne

The Super Safe EcoWaste Recycle Centre is a recycling and green waste disposal facility for green waste such as most clippings/cuttings from the garden such as trees, shrubs and lawn clippings.

To reduce landfill within Victoria the Super Safe EcoWaste Recycle Centre will recycle the majority of your garden waste with our specialised tub grinder turning your waste product into bush mulch or wood chips which can be used by others to spread over garden beds to help reduce weeds and keep garden beds hydrated.

Enquiries can be made when you’re visiting our site as to the availability of wood chips or bush mulch to take home in your empty trailer. (Quantities and availability can vary from time to time)

We accept garden waste from both domestic gardeners as well as professional mowing people and landscape gardeners anywhere within the Melbourne metro area.

If you’re unable to bring in your green waste yourself simply contact us and we can organise to deliver one of our skip bins or hook bins to your property, allowing you sufficient time to load it and then we’ll pick it up for you and dispose of it.

Simply contact one of our operators to discuss the most suitable size and cost.