The more you weigh the more we pay!

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Do you want to get paid for your scrap metal while doing something great for the environment? Eco Waste Scrap Metal Trading and recycle centre provide a variety of scrap metal trading.

We trade in the following types of metals:

White Goods
Steel Beams
Car Batteries
Electrical Cable
Hot Water Systems & Pipes
Taps & Plumbing
Colourbond Fencing
Roof Sheeting
Pots and Pans
Obsolete Farm Items
Aluminium Cans

And much more…

Free Courtesy Drop Point

To assist the public who want to drop off any steel outside of business hours, we have a free courtesy drop point located on the front of our yard. (Use image: ” Metal- Courtesy Drop Point”)home-slider3-1024x414

Note: Prices of scrap metal purchases are subject to change on the first trading day of each month. Feel free to email or call our office for the current months price list.